Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 3 - Photo-a-day February 2013

 I will confess I had to take a few liberties for this week and use a couple of photos I had taken in the past.
Here's a look at week 3... 

Day 15: Inside your fridge
Attempting to be somewhat artsy here.  I tried to frame the whole fridge, and it just looked tacky.

Day 16: Perfect
I have not loved winter this year.  Ususally, I do. It snowed last weekend, the kind with the huge fluffy flakes.  By some miracle, it stuck for a while before melting.  Wesley and I were out and about and with the grass and trees covered in snow, it just looked perfect.

Day 17: In your hand...
My favorite thing to hold in my hand...Wesley's hand

Day 18: Something you don't like
Finding the perfect piece of art for a the wrong color.  If only they had it in green!!

Day 19: I am... incredibly blessed! I have a superb husband, great family and friends, the cutest dog in the world.... and so many more blessings than I could possibly count!! We even have the opportunity to do ones of our favorite things We are headed to Europe this August.  So excited!!   

Day 20: Where you stood
My first shadow pic.

Day 21: Full
Getting hungry just looking as this delicious full plate of food.

One more week to go!!

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  1. You're doing an awesome job with your photo challenge. I did one a while back and lasted for like, 4 days!!

    PS. Did you know that I'm coming with you to Europe?


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