Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Confessions

February is here!  Which means V-day is coming soon.  I have to confess that I have not always loved Valentines Day.  And not in the "I'm bitter because I have no one to celebrate it with" way.  For the longest time, the notion of celebrating how much you love the other person...on the same day that everyone else did seemed ridiculous and extremely impersonal.  I mean, isn't that what anniversaries are for?!?

Then a few years ago, we had some friends over for dinner, a couple days after V-day of that year.  As usual, we had skipped it.  Well, we maybe had gone out to Outback 2 days before and "counted" that.  They told us this story about how he had taken her to a gazebo that was special to them that night.  He brought his guitar and sang her a song that he wrote for her.  In the moonlight.  He was grinning.  She swooned.  And I waited for the sick feeling to come to me...but it didn't.  Instead I kept thinking how completely beautiful it was.  And how silly I had been insisting that we skip it.

So we celebrate it now.  And I look forward to it!  Never thought I would say that.  To make sure it is always meaningful for us we follow these simple rules:

1. Nothing corny. And nothing pink. - I will also confess that every time I walk by the Valentine's day cards in any store, the pink and red display send my stomach churning.  I pretty much still hate it and probably always will.  So for us, corny and pink would pretty much kill it.

2. Keep it simple- We save the "maybe we should try this out" dates for random weekends.  Because if it ended up being horrible, I just might go back to my old I hate V-day ways. And no one enjoys high expectations being kicked out from under why set yourself up?

3. Don't be afraid to drop a hint- As much as I love my husband, sometimes a hint has to be hooked, stringed up, and dropped right in front of his face.  But I promise, he appreciates it.

4. Make it personal. - In the spirit of celebrating the holiday's purpose, we like to do something familiar and personal to us.  Dinner and a movie may seem like a boring fall back to some, but it is our go-to date that we love, and how we started it all.

What do you like/not like to do for V-day??
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  1. Are you talking about my brother, Michael? Also I love red and pink. I get happy that its more or less the one time of year when these two colors go hand in hand.

    And hints are ALWAYS a good idea :)

  2. Dropping hints. Yep...pretty much the only way to go :-)

    I also think it's a good idea to just keep it simple. When expectations are way too high, it usually ends up to be disappointing.

  3. Love your post! So true about dropping hints for V-Day!



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