Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear February Photo-a-Day, challenge accepted.  See today's pic here.

Dear Wesley, less than a year and you will finally be done with school!! I can't wait to have our weeknights back.  And no crazy dear, you still cannot burn your degree when you get it in the mail.  Dear Sean, I am convinced that the producers are telling you to keep Tiera on The Batchelor for plot drama.  Or maybe you are just that dumb.  Wow.  Dear Ashley, we should get our nails done more often :) There is almost nothing better after a long work day than a mani/pedi!  Dear February, I am so glad you are here. Chocolates, home reno projects, v-day, weekend in Charlotte, birthday...let's get it on!!

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  1. Happy Friday, darlin! First of all, you are STUNNING. That banner is just beautiful :) And what the heck - Sean can't be dumb enough about Tierra - watching her makes me CRINGE!
    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

  2. I'm with you on the mani / pedi thing!!

    Stopping by from "Friday's Letters"!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. I concur about the Bachelor! Last episode was insane! I can't even remember how I even got hooked on that show... Every season, I just HAVE TO watch... Props to the producers. Have a nice weekend.

    Stumbled upon your blog via The Sweet Season.


  4. Omg I hoping they are keeping her on just for ratings and drama and that Sean isn't that dumb lol! I love that the girls nicknamed her "Tierrable" lol! She's a got mess! Lol that your hubs wants to burn his degree lol must of been a looooong year ha! Great post great bloc

  5. Yes!!! We need to make this a monthly ritual. Seriously!

    February is going to be a great month for you!!!!


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