Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quiet Celebrations


I'm 25 today!! When in the world did that happen?!?

I'm not much for fuss or monumental celebrations, so I love today's photo-of-the-day is "quiet." I love all of these Monet paintings...I couldn't pick just one.  You can decide which one the "quiet" on is.

We kicked off my quiet celebrations this weekend with my family in Charlotte.  Tonight, we'll go out tonight for dinner to ring in my new year and the next quarter of a century ahead of me! I remember back in grade school, being asked where I would be when I was 25.  I am happy to say that 95% of it has come true.  That is a pretty great achievement...and I am really proud of it.  I've faced challenges this year I never thought that I would, including taking a ridiculous night shift job for six months!  If the two years Wesley and I spent in a long distance relationship before getting engaged didn't teach us how to treasure the time we have together, then that surely did!  I have learned so much about myself...more in the past year than any other year.  And, I think I'm getting a handle on how to have balance in my life.  After this past year, I know how to find happiness in everyday.  I have so much that I am thankful for and I am looking so forward to what year 25 will bring!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day. Love the paintings also, we have one of Monet's 'Waterlilies' at our museum :)

  2. This is going to be a great year for you! I just know it.

    Happy Birthday!


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