Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sick Day

You know that DayQuil//NightQuil commercial where the parents come into their kids' room and are like "Sorry {insert any name here}.  I've got to take a sick day, okay?"  The next shot is of the kids staring blankly back like they have no idea what that means.

I tried to pull this on Ellie the other morning and this is the response I got:

After successfully pulling through Wesley's bronchitis unscathed, I come down with a cold the next weekend.  Of course, Ellie gets it too.  Thankfully it was just a cold.  We both just had stuffy noses and were more sleepy than usual.  I hate being sick.  I hate not being able to function at my normal capacity.  Ellie, thankfully, doesn't share my disdain yet as she was very happy through the whole ordeal:

They don't lie when they say parents can't take sick days! And I'm so glad this sweet girl can keep us smiling

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Five Months

Has it really been 5 months since Ellie was born?  It feels more like five minutes!!!  

She is getting bigger and bigger by the day.  She is around 12 pounds now and is so curious.  She is big eyed, taking everything in.  She will tell you sweet stories if you are smiling big at her and blow you raspberries.  We heard her first squeals of delight last week when Wesley was bouncing her in her crib.  She has rolled from her tummy to her back a couple of times and can raise her head and chest up on her tummy.  It's funny how she likes being on her back more than when she was in the NICU (then she couldn't get enough time on her tummy!).  She made mommy very happy by sleeping the whole night last night (7p-7a) and we are hoping it is the beginning of new big girl habits and not a fluke :)

We took these pictures last Friday, when she turned 5 months, and per usual she lost interest in taking pictures quickly.  I couldn't resist sharing the outtakes!

^^Love those sweet bunnies and deer on her dress!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Ellie's smiles are abundant now but hard to catch on film.  By now, she knows just how special they are and is not fooled into thinking that black box in front of her is a face worthy of one of her sweet smiles.  Here a the few pics we have been able to snag a smile in:

Right now, we are playing catch up rest after having a battle with bronchitis.  Thankfully, Wesley was the only one affected (we think it came from his flu shot....terrible, terrible irony).  It was so great to have my mom come up for 2 days to help me get organized with meals and play with Ellie so I could get a jump start on disinfecting everything and washing practically everything that had.  For about 16 hours we thought it was the flu, but thankfully the flu test came back negative and the doctor put Wesley on antibiotics for bronchitis.  We kept him couped up in our room (to contain the germs away from Ellie) and after lots of hand washing, lysol wiping, and prayers his fever is gone and Ellie and I didn't catch it.  Hopefully this will be the end of our winter weather illnesses - I'd much rather come out of RSV season with nothing but smiles!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Weekend


What a great weekend we have had! Ellie's sweet Auntie Alyssa came to visit.  We had a great time. Alyssa got in Thursday afternoon. We had lunch at La Farm, had fun with Cinderellie on Halloween, and went to the outlets on Saturday with Auntie Kelsey. 

Ellie, of course, was the center of the weekend. We have loved hearing her talk to us and smile, and blow raspberries back and forth. Her Halloween costume was my favorite and even though she didn't last long, she had a great first Halloween!

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