Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Penny, this picture we took of you last week when your left eye was swollen is still cracking me up.  Who knew doggie-allergies could actually make your eye swell shut?!? I'm sorry we called you Winkie all weekend.  It was too good to pass up. So glad you feel better...those were some magic eye drops, weren't they?  Dear Wesley, I really love how you can read my mind sometimes.  Like how you knew Penny needed a bath last night and you scooped her up and scrubbed her down without me even having to mention that I wanted it done.  You're the best.  Dear Target, why are all of your area rugs so small?? Falling in love with that blue moroccan one at the store and then unrolling it at home to find that it was way too small was so disappointing.  I'll forgive you if you could just go ahead and open the Holly Springs store already!! I can't wait to have you only 10 minutes away.  I keep cringing more and more every time I have to go to Wal-mart for something.  Dear perfect rug, I know you are out there and I will find you. Hopefully this weekend.  Dear JoAnn's, I seem to like you less and less.  I found the perfect fabric to re-do the living room curtains and you don't keep 14 yards in stock in store and you refuse to allow me to buy more than 3 yards online.  Could you want my business any less?? Dear Weekend, so glad you are finally here!!! 

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  1. I never knew dogs could suffer allergies either, poor thing!
    Dont give up on the rug hunt, the perfect one is out there I promise just keep looking and dont settle for anything less than what you love :)
    Saying hi from Fridays Letters


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