Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 2 - Photo-a-day February 2013

First, I had to share this picture.  It has no association with the Photo-a-day challenge, but I loved it.

Here's a recap of week two...
 Day 8: Something orange
This is one of my secrets to my homemade BBQ sauce. 
And one of the few things in the house that are actually orange.  Terrible color.

 Day 9: Guilty Pleasure
Yes, this is a power nailer.  We rented it for putting in the hardwoods.  It is now one of my new guilty pleasures.  I took one swing and I could not put it down.  If you have some pent up anger, you should reach for one of these babies, because you have to swing that mallet hard!!

 Day 10: 3 o'clock
At 3pm on Sunday, we came home from church to finished floors! After working for 15 hours straight the day before, we had gotten everything done except the last 18 inches.  My in-laws finished them up for us as a surprise.  What a great one!! 

 Day 11: Entrance
I love our front door. And my monogrammed wreath. 

 Day 12: Where you ate lunch
At my desk, per the usual workday.  Unless I am having dinner at home, I can't "just eat."  I have to be working on something at the same time.  Bad habit I picked up in school due to exorbitant amounts of homework.

Day 13: Walking
I love this photo of Penny walking. Just goes to show that every "fuzzy" picture does not need to be deleted.

Day 14: Love is...
Wesley and me before going out on V-day.  
He pretty much nailed it this year by taking me out to eat where we went on our very first date.

Happy photo-snapping!!

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  1. I'm so behind!! Ahhh...your floor looks INCREDIBLE!!! Really great. Where was your first date? That is such a sweet idea!


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