Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ellie's First Trip

We went to Charlotte two weeks ago to meet Ellie's great-grandparents who flew in from Texas.  We we just loved seeing them!!!  Ellie did pretty well being away from home. She only had a couple of "witching hour" nights.  Definitely more socially aware,  we saw her fighting sleep more and more.  I am sure that it won't be long now until her sleep/wake cycles are better developed and she will be on a strict nap/bedtime schedule.  

She loved kicking on the floor, sitting in her Snugabunny bouncy seat, and being held.  She loves sitting up in your lap facing out too.  Wesley and I definitely caught the itch to be closer to our families, so hopefully one day soon we can be!!     

 ^^Blouse my great-grandmother Millie made for my mom.  She, I, and now Ellie have worn it!

^^It, of course, goes without saying that if you can't take a baby to Texas, you bring a little of Texas to the baby!! {Yes, that is 100% Texas dirt we put Ellie's feet into one evening before her bath.}

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