Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Sunday was a very special day for us.  Ellie was blessed at our church.  She wore a beautiful white dress that was passed down from my mom and we were joined by many of our sweet family members and friends to celebrate.  After the service, we snapped a few pictures and then went home and had a delicious brisket lunch (we love us some Pioneer Woman recipes!!!!) and hung out for a while.

Hearing Wesley say Ellie's blessing brought tears to my eyes. I thought about how we have come such a long way over these past few months, and have been showered with blessings ourselves along the way.  Our greatest blessing has been and will always be our amazing support system of family and friends.  It takes a village to raise a child and I couldn't pick better people for Ellie to grow up around and be influenced by.  We know that she is a child of God and I hope we can do our best as her parents to teach her, guide her, and walk beside her as she grows. We know that one day she will grow up to be a wonderful independent woman, full of grace and love, and will inspire and uplift those around her. For now though, we are quite content to keep her as the sweet little baby that she is!

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  1. many, many blessings! Looks like a wonderful day and you all look lovely. Ellie is just gorgeous.


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