Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Infant Care Clinic Visit

When Ellie was getting discharged from the hospital, they let us know that we would need to go to a routine checkup when she was around 4 months old to see how she is doing developmentally since she was born so early.  We would meet with neonatal and pediatric specialists who would assess all aspects of her development if needed.  That appointment was yesterday. 

We met with a developmental specialist who asked questions on how Ellie was doing nursing, and sleeping, if she was smiling, tracking objects, doing tummy time, and if she was a happy baby.  He assessed her muscle tone and strength and her reflexes. We did tummy time on the bed so he got to see her lift her head up, kick, and push with her forearms. And he stood her up to see her stand supported on her feet and try and take a few steps forward.  Then we saw a nurse practitioner who assessed her heart and lungs, ear, nose and throat, scalp and fontanels, and all 10 fingers and toes. 

They proclaimed her a "healthy, perfect baby!"

She will be assessed according to her adjusted age (counting from her due date instead of her birthday) until she is 2. We will go back in February to check in again and make sure she is still on track.  

In other news she slept for a good 6 1/2 hour stretch last night without having to have her passey put back in her mouth!!! A good night's sleep never felt so good...


  1. Yay healthy baby! Oh I wish I could cuddle her so much!!!

    1. I wish you could too!!!! #hawaiiisbeautifulbutjusttoofaraway


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