Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

We had a great Saturday hanging out with our good friends the Kerfontas on Saturday.  It was so gorgeous, we spent the whole time outside.  Ellie loved it.  Although we have pretty much started our hibernation for RSV season, (no crowds, lots of handwashing, etc.) we are still going to make sure that the three of us still get lots of fresh air.

We are still chugging along at our sleep training.  It gets a little better each week and we are looking forward to the end of the tunnel where little bit sleeps 12 hours at night!  Right now she only gets up once during the night (mommy gets up much more to check on her/re-administer the passey when necessary) and we are working this week on trying to consolidate her daytime naps so that she is napping longer but fewer times during the day.

Grow, Ellie, grow (and sleep, Ellie, sleep!!!)

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