Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Four Months

Ellie is four months old today.  We have a special care clinic appointment tomorrow, so we will now how big she has gotten. It is amazing to watch her grow.  Each day sometimes resembles the last, but taking a step back and seeing where she was each month before...wow!  

Ellie still goes on walks everyday (except when it rains).  She loves staring at the birds in her swing, kicking on her play quilt, talking to kangaroo, reading books with mommy, and shaking her rattle.  She smiles more each day and it melts our hearts when she does.  However, she has already picked up that a camera is not a person, so they go away when we try and pull it out to catch them on film.  Right now we are working on sleep training.  The books don't lie when they say once their social development takes off they start fighting sleep, wanting to spend more time playing with you.  Our once great sleeper loves to party all day!  (She is starting to catch on to this longer nap concept a little more each day.)  I can't wait to see how much she weighs tomorrow!

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