Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Play Time

It seems like in just the past week or two Ellie has gotten more and more fascinated by the world around her.  She stares into mirrors at her reflection, reaches and tries to grab objects that are near her.  We are working on her "swatting" skills too, which get better and better everyday.  I caught myself the other day saying "hit the bunny" and quickly changed it to "move the bunny!" She loves to feel soft things, and stare at bright colored objects and lights.  Give her a rattle, and she will shake the heck out of it too! 

I was joking with my mom the other day that she is not taking very long naps, and sometimes fighting sleep because she likes to play so much. I may be able to want her to sleep, but I certainly cannot will her to sleep!  I am after all, an extremely fun person to play with ;)  Seriously though, I am still mastering the "put down when drowsy" skill as her drowsy hints are subtle and not always convenient.  It is amazing how well it works when you have nailed it and get her back in her crib at just the right time, and how cranky she gets and hard it is for her to go to sleep once she is overtired. Sleep routines definitely help.  When Ellie gets scooped up to cuddle and rock while mommy sings a song, she knows that it is time to settle down and take a nap.

She teaches me so much every day.  About free will.  About patience.  About joy.  And about not taking one moment for granted.  

10 brownie points if you can guess the show running on in the background of the video... hint hint: BBC really does have some of the best shows!

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