Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Date Night: Memory Lane

A few weeks ago, Wesley and I took a stroll down memory lane for a date night and watched The Interpreter.  It was the movie that Wesley took me to see on our very first date.  It was years ago, but I remember it like yesterday.  Well, I remembered everything except what the movie was about...   

The night before I had taken half of my closet over to my friend Hannah's house so we could decide what I would wear.  That night, Wesley picked me up, met my parents, and took me to Red Robin for dinner.  I remember having a hard time convincing him that I really did just want water to drink.  I'm pretty sure I was the first person he ever met that ordered it because I wanted it, not just because it was free.  After dinner, he took me to Cold Stone Creamery where I got my favorite ice cream: cinnamon with health bar.  Yum! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!  Then, we were off to the movie.  I remembered the opening scene being so ridiculous because these little boys were shooting people with guns...and then all I remember was felling butterflies because Wesley held my hand and put his arm around me.

As we were  "re-watching" it, I realized that the whole reason I thought I liked the movie was because we were having such a great first date.  The movie really isn't that great.  It's a little boring in parts and has a lot of strange character development. 

Later that weekend, we watched a new movie that I now love: Remember Sunday.

It is such a sweet movie that is much happier than The Interpreter.  And, it has our favorites, Zachary Levi and Alexis Bledel.  I can't remember the last movie I actually cried during.  In case you didn't know, I only cry in movies when they are incredibly sweet.  Sad ones just doesn't do it for me for some reason.  If you haven't seen this movie, then you should definitely put it on your list!

Movie dates are the best, don't you think?!?

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  1. I have not seen the movie,but I assume it has to be more cheerful than interpreter - although I liked that one too! hanks for the recommendation! BTW, dropping in via Shanna's link up! Hop on to my blog whenever you have time! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  2. How fun! I was SO nervous on my first date with my husband. Probably because I thought he was so hot and out of my league. ;) We saw We Are Marshall on our first date.


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