Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Garden

We planted our garden over a week ago and have really enjoyed watching it grow!  We seem to get a little better each year. The first year, we tried everything from seeds with no direct sunlight, and of course, we got a few spouts, but nothing grew.  The second year we were in our house so we tried planting them directly into the ground.  Such a bad idea.  Don't do it!  We realized that it was the wrong way to go and then tried to transplant them into raised beds.  We were lucky to get one or two mini squash and tomatoes...and all of the green beans died.  Last year we kept our raised beds, added more manure and compost, and did everything from seedlings.  We had a pretty good crop of tomatoes and squash and zucchini.  We've learned to rotate where we plant, to water frequently, and of course, pick a very sunny location for the beds.

This year we added the fourth small bed for more tomatoes.  We have been starting from seedlings for the past few years, but I really want to move in the direction of starting from seeds, so we designated one bed as an "experiment" to see how it goes. We are trying out roma tomatoes..we'll see how they do compared to the 8 seedlings we bought...romaine lettuce, and green beans.  So far we had only two seed places not sprout.  They seem to be coming in strong!  I can't wait to enjoy fresh veggies soon!!

I also do a potted herb garden on the deck.  They are thriving this year!! I think they loved all of the rain we had.  

Have you ever tried to garden?!?  What have you learned?
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  1. I've never tried to garden...or start a garden...or keep one alive. I am super impressed!!

  2. That is so great! I've always wanted to do a garden but we are in an apartment. Way to go!

  3. oh my goodness your garden looks awesome!


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