Friday, May 17, 2013

Vintage Travel Poster Pillows {DIY}

These pillows made the perfect birthday gift for my sister Kelsey.  She is getting her first "own place" in the fall.  We are bequeathing her our black couch and love seat, so I made a few pillows to start her out.  These are double sided, so she can flip them to mix it up. I chose this great soft cream textured fabric for the iron-on transfer side, and a cute cotton print for the back.  These are 16 inch pillows, so a yard of each kind of fabric was plenty to make 3.

Did I mention these are too easy to make?!? 

1. Cut your fabric.  For 16 inch pillows, I cut 17 inch squares.   So whatever size you want, add an inch to each side for the seam allowance.

2. Make the pillowcase.  Line up your fabric face to face, with right sides together and wrongs sides out.  Then pin them together and sew around the entire perimeter, leaving a small opening so you can flip it right side out.  Make sure this opening is at the bottom of your pillow case! 

3. Iron on your masterpiece.  I've got a simple iron transfer tutorial for you {here}.  The vintage posters I found on Etsy at {this shop}.  They so many great digital pictures and quotes that are only $1, easy to download, and you can even request them in colors.  I already have my Christmas pillow line up set!!

4. Finish your pillows.  Once your transfers are on your cases, you can stuff them.  I used pillow stuffing for these, but I have also used pillows that I just wanted recovered, or inserts that you can buy at sewing supply stores.  Once you've stuffed it, fold in the edges of your opening, pin it closed, and then hand stitch it closed. This is why you want the opening at the one needs to know you had to hand stitch anything!

 Verona/Subway Art/Rome

And, you're done!


  1. You made that look so easy! I really like the look of these!


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