Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April's Favorite Things

Wow, April has flown by!  Here's my loves from April...

1. I loved General Conference at the beginning of the month.  We actually got to watch all 4 sessions.  The timing is always so perfect.  It's always just what I need to hear to refresh my spirit.

2. I love this monogrammed pillow I made for our living room!

3. Our good friends, the soon-to-be Kerfonta's came up for a weekend visit this month and we had a blast! We had brunch at the State Farmer's Market Resturant and then took our first look around the market.  I've always wanted to go.  They are starting to get the good summer crops in.  We will probably wait a few weeks to go back since they aren't bringing out the zucchini, squash, and good tomatoes just yet. 

4. I got my view back! One of the things I fell in love with when we bought our house was the stunning tree top views we have from the living room and our master.  It always looks so dead during winter....I'm so glad the green is back!

5. I know, this painting.  Hold that thought for just a minute.  Last weekend, my parent's came up so we could celebrate my sister's birthday.  We had a lovely (and rather loud) dinner at Firebirds Friday night.  Saturday, we helped move some things out of Kelsey's apartment, since she is moving back home for the summer.  It didn't take as long as we thought.  While waiting to get hungry for lunch, we stopped by the NC Museum of Art.  Ok, now back to this painting.  Once Wesley saw it, he burst out laughing and said "Ok, this one I like."  He went on to explain that he would laugh at it every day if we had it because the bird is being attacked.  He is so crazy.  I should tell you that it is appropriately named: Swan Attacked by a Dog (1745) by Jean-Baptiste Oudry.  

Here's to hoping all of these April showers we've been having will bring some gorgeous May flowers.
I hope you all had a great month!

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  1. I love your windows, they are lovely and how nice to have the green back to wake up to :)

  2. LOVE that pillow :) I WISH our farmer's market was open already...but most of the plants around here are still babies - no fresh fruit or veggies yet. That picture makes me smile too...I wonder if Oudry thought it was funny or if it was a serious painting!?!

  3. I really love the Farmer's Market. They have the prettiest flowers there.

    That painting really is hilarious (and so right...very appropriately named) :-) I loved General Conference as well. It was amazing.

    I'm hoping for some May flowers as well!

  4. I need to go to the farmer's market, but I can't make myself get out of bed early enough. :( That pillow is so cute!


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