Tuesday, August 13, 2013

London: Houses of Parliament/Westminister Abby/Travel to Brussels {Day 7}


{Day 7} London: Houses of Parliament/Westminister Abby/Travel to Brussels
We have officially made it to Brussels! We spent our last morning in London walking around the outside of the Houses of Parliament and Westminister Abby.  I will confess that the first two pictures at the top have nothing to do with either.  Wesley snapped them yesterday on our way home from Hampton Court because they were so neat.  He is pretty sure that the second one is the building they filmed as MI6 from Skyfall.
We took the 3PM train to Brussels from St. Pancras, which was the very same station that Wesley accidentally ended up in one December on his mission after falling alseep on the Eurostar and missing his stop in Lille, France.  So of course, we had to take a picture next to the shop he bought breakfast almost 5 years ago!  St. Pancras was the most beautiful train station I have seen thus far - more so than King's Cross and Waterloo. 
It was thankfully a short walk from the metro stop to our hotel (suitcases and cobblestone are not a great combination).  There is literally a chocolate shop on every street corner here...yum!!  Our hotel is beautiful.  When we walked in the door to our room, we where surprised to see a sitting room that had an upstairs loft space.  There is classical art on the wallpaper everywhere in the room.  Tres charmant!  We took a short walk away from our hotel to find dinner and now Wesley is watching TV in French ;)  It has been really amazing watching him speak in flawless French to everyone here.  He spent 8 months of his mission in Brussels, so I know he is loving it here!!

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