Thursday, August 8, 2013

London: Waldorf Hilton/Trafalgar Square/Big Ben/Kensington Gardens {Day 2}

{Day 2} London: Waldorf Hilton/Trafalgar Square/Big Ben/Kensington Gardens.

After getting off of the plane this morning at 8AM, we hit the ground running and started exploring.  First, we dropped our bags off at the Waldorf Hilton which will be home base while we are in London.  Then, we walked from Trafalgar square to the Houses of Parliament and ate lunch at a pub next to Big Ben. After lunch, we took the tube to Hyde Park and ended up in the Kensington Gardens. We walked around the parks and gardens for nearly 2 hours. If I hadn't been so tired I would have loved to just sit down on a bench and read my book!  Hopefully I can go back and do that in the next few days :) We are loving London and cannot wait to crawl into bed tonight!!

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  1. So exciting that you are in the same country as me even for a short while! Hope you have a fantastic time :) x


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