Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Europe Trip Itinerary {Day 1}

In all honesty, I am so excited I haven't really slept in a week.  We've been packed since last Thursday, we've located our passports, my ballet flat Crocs came in yesterday, our bank knows we are headed abroad, Katie is back to house-sit and take care of Penny, we have removed all pocket knives and letter openers from all of our bags (yes, we forgot to do that on our honeymoon..) I forgetting anything?!?

We are going to try our best to update the blog as often as we can of our adventures, so stay tuned!  In any case, here is a peak at our itinerary that I have been tweaking over the past few weeks.  We are so excited to be spending the first leg of our trip in the UK with my family, then Wesley and I are breaking off and heading across the pond to the mainland to see Belgium and France!

August 7 - The Adventure begins! {traveling by plane of course!}
August 14 - Brussels
August 18 - Versilles
August 20 - Travel Home

And.....we're off! 

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