Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Brussels {Day 8}

 {Day 8} Brussels

It is so late here, I'll be keeping tonight's update short and sweet.  We had a great day in Brussels walking down memory lane, seeing the sites and eating the food that Wesley experienced on his mission.  My favorite spot was Grand Place which is where the city hall is located now (and is where most of the pictures taken above are from).  We also had a chance to go and see the Basilica where all of the Kings and Queens of Brussels are crowned. 

This evening we went to the church building that Wesley went to for 8 months while serving in Brussels.  We attended the institute class, taught by one of Wesley's old friends, Claude and met the sweet Elders and Sister Missionaries who are serving there now.  While inside, our rental car got broken we've been spending the rest of the night having to take care of that....which I why this post is so late!  There was nothing to steal, so nothing got stolen, but the whole ordeal was pretty annoying and cut into our time that we spent catching up with Claude.  

All in all, it will be a day we will never forget!  We are off to France tomorrow, so....Bon nuit!

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