Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Weekend

This marked the first weekend that Wesley and I have had in a long time where we were on the same schedule, and I wasn't a zombie from working night shift.  Can I tell you how much I have missed sleeping at night? I promise, it is way better than sleeping during the day. If that is on your bucket list for some reason, go ahead, save yourself time....and erase it.

We kicked the weekend off by going to see The Hobbit.  It is fantastic! Peter Jackson is going to turn the book into a trilogy, so this is the first of three films.  As much as I missed seeing Viggo Mortenson and Orlando Bloom, I actually like this story line better than The Lord of the Rings.  It is not as dark.

Saturday night, we went to Wesley's company Christmas party. We actually had a really good time and stayed longer than we expected.  It was at The Matthews House.  Of course, as we were going through the tour I thought, "surely there will be great pics online of these beautiful decorations, I don't need to take any."  Sorry....I was wrong.  Trust me, it was beautiful.

After church on Sunday, Wesley and I watched Elf and made this. Yum!

I hope all of you had a great weekend!! 

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  1. Here's the thing, Kristen. The Hobbit looks terrible to me. It does. But that's what I said about Twilight, HP, AND the Hunger Games...and I love all 3 of them. Have you read the books?


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