Friday, July 25, 2014


And the weigh in today is: 5lbs 1.8oz!  

On Wednesday, Ellie was continuing to have terrible reflux - she was gagging, spitting up, and it was so bad it seemed with each feeding she would end up getting milk up her nose.  I was emotionally exhausted and frustrated.  So Wesley came over from work and worked from the hospital the rest of the day.  Even though Ellie has a great medical team, it just felt more comforting and "right" for the three of us to be together when she wasn't doing as well.  

She is doing much better now.  We are having to continue to help her pace herself when she takes bottles, and stop frequently and burp her.  For a while she was burping herself (I don't know how else to explain it) but now she needs more reminders and help.  We haven't had a spit up episode since Wednesday. We have switched back to feeding her every 3 hours and that seems to be helping too.  And, we are doing another trial off of her cannula to see how well she does.   It started yesterday afternoon around 3:30 so we will see how long she goes this time!

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