Monday, July 7, 2014

Reflux and Humming

Ellie is up to 4lbs 2oz!  She is starting to fill in on her face - she is getting cheeks, her eyelashes are longer, and her sweet eye brows are starting to come in more.  Her hair is a beautiful caramel golden blond and her eyes are still blue (for now - Wesley and I both have brown, so we know they are going to turn eventually).  She loves sleeping with something under her head - the bean bag they put in her crib, a rolled up blanket, or when all else fails her own arm, just like her daddy!

She (and I) had a bit of a traumatic morning.  After our 11am breastfeeding practice my sweet baby girl refluxed so much, because her feeding was running down her NG tube at the same time, that it started coming out of her nose.  And it kept coming.  Thankfully the nurse and lactation consultant were right there with us.  She was crying.  I was trying not to cry.  They ended up having to suction her out...and then her NG tube got pulled out in the chaos, so then they had to drop another one.  Poor baby!  We had a major cuddling session after to put it behind us.

Her nurse last night was able to get all of the tape off of her cheeks and put on a new kind that is smaller and allows more of the skin on her face to breathe.  She seemed much happier to have all of that tape gone.  Thank goodness that this cannula is only temporary!  Wesley and I tucked her in tonight with another chapter of Harry Potter (they just got sorted into houses) and several songs that I sung quietly to her.  Much to my surprise, they are starting to stick into Wesley's head.  He hummed "These are a Few of My Favorite Things" in the car on the way home.  Maybe by the time Ellie comes home he will know the tunes of all of the Sound of Music songs. :)

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