Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bath Time and Cuddles

Ellie is now down to 0.5L of oxygen!  She is off of high flow and back on low flow and so far, she did really well today.  We are hoping that she is still on it when we go back tonight.  She is such a little champ :) 

Last night our nurse told us that it would be a good idea for us to give her several baths before she is discharged (I LOVE hearing that word!) and she can start having her baths when it is good for our schedule.  We have built our visits around maximizing our time when she eats so that she can nurse and we can get comfortable giving her bottles.  Until she has gained enough weight, she will be getting mostly bottles when we go home like she gets now in the hospital.  The bottles still contain breast milk, but are fortified with a teaspoon of high calorie formula and protein to help her gain the weight she needs. 

Today, we gave her a bath before her 2PM feeding.  It was Wesley's first time helping with a bath.  It was so funny how it took the two of us to bathe her.  I held while her while he gently scrubbed.  Contrary to the face she has in the picture above, she really enjoyed it.  She must find the warm water relaxing.  She was very calm in the water and didn't cry or get upset at all.  She also really liked it when Wesley poured water over her head to wash and rinse her hair.  She was so relaxed when she got out that she was too tired to nurse and had to take a bottle instead.  

All clean and cozy!!

We've really loved having my parents here this weekend!  Dad and Wesley got that 42 feet of fence moved in just 2 half days.  We couldn't be more thankful for their sacrifice of time and energy to make sure all three of us are doing well and getting through this time while Ellie is in the hospital!!

They are hoping that once Ellie is off of oxygen it won't be too much longer until we get to take her home!

Grow Ellie grow!! 

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