Saturday, July 5, 2014

Getting Bigger

Aren't these pictures great?!?  Wesley and I had a fun time playing around with his camera phone settings at our morning visit today.  I told him he should consider doing it professionally.  He responded with a roll of his eyes.  That was code for I love programming to much and you are crazy ;)

Our precious baby girl is getting bigger!  She is now 17 inches long and her head is 1 more cm than it was at birth.  She now weighs 3lbs 14oz.  She gained a whole 2oz yesterday!  They have bumped her feeds up from 28mL to 33mL and are adding calories and protein to them to help her gain weight quickly.  She is doing really well on her high flow nasal cannula (they call it a RAM). They are ever so slowly titrating her oxygen down.  The doctor said that it will take a while to get all of her airways open, but by doing it this way it is much gentler on her and better for her lungs.  We try to explain this to her when she tries to yank the cannula back out... it's not sinking in...thus all of the tape on her face.

Grow Ellie, grow!!

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