Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jewelry Organization

In case you already didn't know, I hate clutter.  Of all of the things I have, jewelry seems to be the easiest thing to go from neat and tidy to mass chaos.  I'm such a visual person, so I tend to organize everything by color.

I got this jewelry stand a few months ago.  I love it.  It is such a great way to display some of my favorite pieces....which in this case are all of the ones that match the decor in our bedroom. It's become an art piece in the room!  I used to keep everything in the jewelry drawer that came with our dresser.  But I've gotten so much, that it was way too cluttered and I couldn't see everything that I had.  By pulling out quite a bit to hang on the new stand, it left plenty of room to spread out the remaining pieces.  Now everything has a perfect color-coordinated spot!

I also LOVE these Pinterest ideas too:
This is so cute and inexpensive to put together...just a shower curtain rod and rings.  And It's color coordinated so definite winner in my book!

Another great idea for a closet space...painted peg board with hooks!

Loving this shadow box organizer...imagine the millions of possibilities lining it with great craft paper or fabric.

I do love storing things away in drawers and I love this idea of using the separate cups and canisters to group your pieces.

This frame is stunning and another good example of how to use your pieces that match your color scheme as part of your decor.

Happy organizing!

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  1. That jewellery stand is beautiful - I must have one! My jewellery is in desperate need of organisation! x

  2. Love the ideas I have got to do some organizing on mine!

  3. Jewelry is SO hard to organize...but I love your stand...and love all the pinterest ideas. I need a better way to organize my necklaces!


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