Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Wesley, I wish we could go here for dinner tonight. If only, right? Maybe next Friday night.  Dear OR first case, it's an early start today, but I think you are going to be worth it.  I am really hoping that my first aortic aneurysm repair will repair the damage that oral surgery scarred me with in nursing school.  Dear Degas, I have always loved your ballerina paintings. Even though the history books don't say, I'm convinced you were in love with a dancer at some point.  At least the romantic in me would like to think so.  Dear Christmas tree, I never thought I would ever say this, but I am so glad you are out of the house!  Since when does it take an hour to get you from the living room to the outdoors?!? Dear new Highlander, oh how I love driving you around.  And the Bluetooth is pretty phenomenal.  Hands free phone is definitely the way to go, especially in rush hour traffic.   Dear Downton Abby, could you have taken any longer to air in the US?  Don't answer that.  Can't wait for season 3!  Wesley thinks there should be a Biltmore edition.  Any seconds to that?

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Happy Friday!


  1. Found your blog via Friday's Letters. I am a huge Downton Abbey fan, we have finished the 3rd series and had a shocking Christmas Day 2hr special. I'm guessing that you get the specials aswell? If it is any consolation the 3rd series is definitely worth waiting for!! Oh and Montmatre has to be my favourite place in Paris!

  2. You're totally blowing my mind with all this new information. I didn't know you got a new fun!! And I need to hear more about this OR case...but you basically lost me after that :-)

    Oh...and I totally agree about Degas. We reenacted a painting of his in college...I'll have to show you!


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