Thursday, January 3, 2013

Calender Frame {DIY}

One of my favorite presents this year was a calender my sister-in-law put together of Maddi.  The pictures are adorable!!  Ironically, I haven't had a real calender in 3 years, so I needed a great place for it.  

I made this messenger board a few years ago from a yard sale find ($3) and decided I could pop it out and recover it again because, well, I just don't use it!

So simple to recover. 
 Just pull off the old, cut out the new fabric piece, pull tight, and staple. If you don't have a staple gun, you should get one.  
It is fantastic!
The board I have is too flimsy for nails or push pins, so I chose to hang the calender by ribbon. You'll need to secure the ribbon in the back with a few staples so that it can take the weight.
And the bow is cute and useful.  It allows me to untie it and change the page each month!
I love how this turned out!


  1. The frame is the PERFECT size for the calendar, what a great stroke of luck! I currently hang my calendar (similar to yours, my brother makes one every year of pictures of my nieces) on a hook with a thick piece of butcher's twine. No where near as fancy as this! Gotta step my game up...

  2. This looks awesome - what a great idea!

  3. Ummm....I'm pretty much in love with this. What a GREAT idea. And Maddi is super cute :-)

  4. this is a great great idea! My husband got me a calendar with wedding photos in it and I went to hang it on our fridge and it was so heavy it wouldn't stay up. I never thought of something like this.
    I now have a mission... thanks for sharing



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