Thursday, September 11, 2014

Up Close

Ellie is growing right along.  I have had a busy week this week getting ready for her first trip and her baby blessing on Sunday.  I can't believe it is almost here!  Right now, she is getting really good at holding her head up when you hold her and loves "sitting up" against our legs and looking around.  She still loves starting at us when she is awake and alert (I guess we are keepers!).  Her sleeping schedule seems to be changing daily.  She was sleeping really good at night or 3-4 hour stretches and napping good during the day.  Now it is harder for her to sleep during the day...and she doesn't really want to go to sleep at night.  It is so hard to judge where she is on her sleeping development because she is technically 3 months, where sleep gets more organized, but only 4 weeks past her due date, where sleep is all over the place.  So, it feels a lot like a guessing game.  

She is still eating really well, and subsequently also becoming a very good spitter.  She is getting bigger and she is being able to wear more and more of the clothes that she has been too small for up until now.  One of my favorites are the snap shirts that work so well with a bib over them.  They are perfect for lounging around the house and so easy to change out of she gets them dirty!  It is so rare now that she ends up wearing the outfit I put her in when she wakes up by the time bath time comes around at night.

Such a sweet girl!

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