Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two Weeks

Our baby turned two weeks old yesterday!  I have a small confession...I am pretty smitten with pink now. She just looks so darn cute in it :)  We are at the hospital now.  Wesley is holding Ellie while she snoozes.  Every so often she will let out an adorable quiet snore.

After 3 rounds of lasix, the doctors have told us that her lungs are still just immature and will need more time to grow in order for her to not need oxygen.  They are confident her PDA is still doing ok and not the cause of her needing the oxygen right now.

We have had a really great weekend just taking things slow and spending as much time with Ellie as we can.  The nurses tell us that her oxygen sats are much better when we are there.  We have done a lot of skin to skin therapy, we've gotten to change her diaper and put her outfit back on.  She is getting really good at holding on to our fingers and sucking on her pacifier.  We've read several books, like Dancing Feet and Pajama Time, and our daily read of The Little Engine that Could.  We also found a collection of Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson in my sister's apartment, so last night we read The Princess and the Pea and Thumbalina (thanks Kelsey!).

With every minute we spend with her she feels more and more like ours.  It hasn't been ideal to be separated since she has been born, but it is nice that when I close my eyes I know exactly what she looks like, can picture mannerisms, and cute things that she is already doing.

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