Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bedtime routine

One of the first days that I was able to walk down to the NICU to see Ellie, her nurse that day told us about a book cart that was located near the nurses station.  She had seen a family establish a bedtime routine where they would come every night and read Goodnight Moon and say a prayer.  At that point in time Wesley and I were a little unsure of what to do with Ellie other then stare and smile and talk to her.  Her PICC line wasn't in yet, so we couldn't hold her.  We decided that a bedtime routine would be a good idea and a special time for the three of us.

So each time we go for our visit at night, we bring along a book and her bunny, Babette.  The diaper bag we got as a gift has been the perfect "visit Ellie" bag.  We usually get there in time for her 8PM assessment and feeding.  We get to change her diaper, find out her weight, and then settle down for some cuddling time.  While one of us holds her, the other reads her the book.  We have several good books that we rotate through.  The first book we ever read together was "The Foot Book."  A perfect Dr. Suess book that is all about one of Ellie's favorite things: feet!!  We tuck her in with a prayer, and kissess from mommy, daddy, and Babette.

Ellie has had a really great day today.  She is completely off of all respiratory support!  She has been sleeping well, loves being on her side, and her feedings are increasing steadily.  Way to go Miss Ellie!!!

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  1. so glad to read and see that Miss Ellie is doing so well! My love and prayers are with you.


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