Friday, June 27, 2014

Open Crib

Yesterday, Ellie officially graduated to an open crib - AKA her NICU "big girl bed."  This means that Ellie no longer needs help regulating her temperature - she can do it all by herself!  Her PICC line is also out, which means she no longer needs any other fluids other than the milk that she is getting through her NG tube (the orange tube that goes down her nose to her tummy).  She takes just about 1oz of milk with each feeding and she is fed every 3 hours.  I am trying to make my pumping schedule mirror her feeding schedule so that it will be easier once we start trying her on oral feeds (including pumping twice during the night).  They are thinking that she might be ready to try oral feeding late next week.  Before she does though, her vital signs have to be stable while she is being held and she needs to show signs of rooting and sucking during her feedings.  We are still working on this right now.  Whenever we hold her, especially if she is on her back, her sats drop into the 80s.  It is part of being a premie, and will just take time for her to be stable while being held. Anytime she shows signs of wanting to suck, they try to get a pacifier in her mouth to encourage it.  It is pretty darn cute :)

She had an x-ray 2 days ago that showed that her lungs are still immature.  She is still back on oxygen and is also on a 3 day run of lasix, which is a diuretic that will try and pull off any fluid that might be on her lungs that may be making it hard for her to breathe. (She is only 33 weeks after all.) Right now what she needs more than anything is just time.  Her body just needs to continue to grow and mature.  Once it does, she should be able to get off of the oxygen and start learning to feed orally.  They also set our mind at ease by explaining that she will have to go 5 days straight without her sats dropping, or heart rate slowing before they will let her go home.  It is the final step, so it is still far away, but we relaxed a little more when we heard that.

We are all doing well and just taking it one day at a time.  Ellie is going to go her speed.  Right now she loves being held, especially when she is on her tummy doing "kangaroo" with mommy.  She loves sucking on that pacifier when she is able to get it in her mouth.  She still loves to stretch and kick her feet, but also loves to be swaddled and bundled up.  She hates the oxygen tubing and tape on her face, but seems to have gotten used to it for the time being.  She looks more and more like Wesley every day, especially when she sleeps. She is such a good sleeper, and is very good at listening when we read her books.

We love you baby girl!!
 Grow Ellie grow!

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  1. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can... such a sweet little engine that could! I love your updates. I think I need to start knitting preemie hats! Love to you all!


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