Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

 We did lots of celebrating in our hometown this past weekend.  Between the wedding of some of our very favorite friends, and then meeting our brand new nephew Jacob Bennett, the weekend flew by.

 Everything, down to the couple's monogram reception decorations were beautiful!! And that dress was made for Rachel. So stunning. I had a great time trying different settings on the camera and was happy with the shots I got!
 Jacob was passed from uncle to uncle (and finally to aunt!). I think the only time he wasn't being held was while we ate dinner. He is so sweet and already such a good sleeper. Right before we left, we finally got a peak at those sweet baby blues.

Hope you had a great weekend too!!

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  1. Awww...Jacob really is so adorable. And yes, you got some really great shots!! I'm loving the outfit you wore for the looked amazing!

  2. THose are the best kind of things to celebrate! New life in different forms ;) What a sweet baby!

  3. What a beautiful day! And what a darling little babe!

  4. I just had a nephew born this past week, too!


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