Monday, July 22, 2013

La Farm

Have you ever heard of La Farm?!?  It is tucked away in a little corner of Cary.  I can't believe I have lived in the Raleigh-Durham area for 7 years, and I just found out about La Farm.  They had me at "European cafe"!!!  The owner is from France and the food is pretty authentic.  Wesley and I headed over Friday night for our date night and we fell instantly in love with it!  His croque madame was very well done, and my ham and gruyere baguette was good (not exactly like I remembered, but close).  But, as soon at bite into a pan au chocolate... I was back having breakfast in the basement kitchen of our hotel near L'Arc de Triumph in Paris in 2009... Needless to say, if you go and only have one thing, have one of their pastries.  But seriously, it is all so good!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!
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  1. Kristen! Visiting from Miscellany Monday today and really love these pictures! What a delicious meal.


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