Thursday, December 11, 2014

Play Date

"Mom, can my friends come over and play?!?"

My friend Sara, who has incredibly cute twins, and I have gotten together for a few play dates. I have learned quickly that when you have an infant, play dates are more for mommies than the kiddos. It is fun though watching the sweet babies kick and smile. But its really therapeutic to talk to someone who knows what your life is like right now!! I know there will be many more in our future.

I so admire her, as she is doing double of everything I am doing.  Wesley and I look at each other so often and say "how in the world do you do this with more than one kid!" I know we will figure it out when the time comes, whether that is in 2 years or 10 (infertility makes it impossible to plan).

Future wonderings aside, we are doing really well. Ellie is now getting her RSV shots that she will get monthly until RSV season is over...around April or so. She is now 12 lbs and 24 inches long! I swear she doubles in size after some nights.  Her 6 month appointment is coming up next week (where has the time gone!!!).

We took some very cute pictures today so they will be up sometime this weekend.
Until then, good night folks!......or good morning depending on when you are reading this ;)

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  1. When I saw the title of this post, I thought Oh pleassseee let it be with the twins so I can see those pictures!! And it's so true...until they're about 3-4ish, playdates are totally for the mommies (and even then they're for the mommies!)


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