Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ellie's Christmas Week in Pictures

We had a really lovely Christmas week.  Ellie's first Christmas will always be one that we remember.  Here are our favorite pictures of the week:

 ^^Ellie's first time out to dinner at a restaurant our first night there.  She did much better than I thought she would considering it was so close to her bedtime!
 ^^We got some much better picutres of all three of them but I just love Ellie's face in this one.  Maddi was so ready to smile for the camera and sweet Jacob was trying to make Ellie feel better!

 ^^Ellie squealed with delight seeing herself in a full length mirror for the first time.

 ^^She was supposed to be sleeping here.  Her naps were definitely shorter this past week, but she was a very good girl and thankfully never got overtired in spite all of the excitement.

 ^^Christmas morning was spent in daddy's arms.

^^Isn't this hat the cutest?!?  One of the nurses we have stayed in touch with from the NICU knitted it for her.  So SO adorable!!

^^This was my favorite picture from one of our lunches out.  Her face lit up in pure joy sitting in her Lobster Chair when we pulled out Kangaroo to play with at lunch.  She had to immediately tell her everything that had happened since the last time she saw her.  

^^A fitting end to a fun-filled week - being put in the car fast asleep!

1 comment:

  1. These pictures are so precious! Especially that last one of her fast asleep on your shoulder. I want to snuggle her so much!


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