Sunday, November 9, 2014


Ellie's smiles are abundant now but hard to catch on film.  By now, she knows just how special they are and is not fooled into thinking that black box in front of her is a face worthy of one of her sweet smiles.  Here a the few pics we have been able to snag a smile in:

Right now, we are playing catch up rest after having a battle with bronchitis.  Thankfully, Wesley was the only one affected (we think it came from his flu shot....terrible, terrible irony).  It was so great to have my mom come up for 2 days to help me get organized with meals and play with Ellie so I could get a jump start on disinfecting everything and washing practically everything that had.  For about 16 hours we thought it was the flu, but thankfully the flu test came back negative and the doctor put Wesley on antibiotics for bronchitis.  We kept him couped up in our room (to contain the germs away from Ellie) and after lots of hand washing, lysol wiping, and prayers his fever is gone and Ellie and I didn't catch it.  Hopefully this will be the end of our winter weather illnesses - I'd much rather come out of RSV season with nothing but smiles!

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