Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Five Months

Has it really been 5 months since Ellie was born?  It feels more like five minutes!!!  

She is getting bigger and bigger by the day.  She is around 12 pounds now and is so curious.  She is big eyed, taking everything in.  She will tell you sweet stories if you are smiling big at her and blow you raspberries.  We heard her first squeals of delight last week when Wesley was bouncing her in her crib.  She has rolled from her tummy to her back a couple of times and can raise her head and chest up on her tummy.  It's funny how she likes being on her back more than when she was in the NICU (then she couldn't get enough time on her tummy!).  She made mommy very happy by sleeping the whole night last night (7p-7a) and we are hoping it is the beginning of new big girl habits and not a fluke :)

We took these pictures last Friday, when she turned 5 months, and per usual she lost interest in taking pictures quickly.  I couldn't resist sharing the outtakes!

^^Love those sweet bunnies and deer on her dress!!

1 comment:

  1. A full night of sleep!!!! You go, Ellie girl!!


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