Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our first week home...

{Sneak peak of the photo shoot Kelsey and I did with Ellie today!}

Well, we have been home with Ellie for one whole week!  We just can't get enough of her and she gets cuter and cuter everyday.  We left the hospital last Saturday afternoon.  You know how sometimes during series finales of shows, they will play clips of some of the most memorable moments from the show?  As soon as we left my sister's apartment for the last time to go get her and take her home, all through the car ride there, when we signed in at the desk for the last time, and during our last ride up the elevator to the third floor, I had clips of the past 7 weeks running through my head.  Laying in the hospital, wondering how the preeclampsia onset so early, hoping that we could just be sent home on bed rest.  Waking up in the ICU not remembering anything about Ellie's birth.  Being wheeled into the NICU at midnight a day and a half after she was born, taking every ounce of strength I had to stand and see her in person for the first time.  Watching that cannula being taken off and put back on her, taken off, and put back on her.  Leaving every night to go home without her.  We were finally getting to take her home!

Since being home, it has been incredible to be present for all of Ellie's firsts at home.  The first time in the pack and play.

The first time in her tub (trying it out before actually using it to make sure she could sit in it well with how small she is!)

Her first movie - Beauty and the Beast

Her first time in her crib (no we don't let her sleep with all of this in there!)

Did I mention how much she loves her sungabunny swing? 

Ellie will be going to the pediatrician every week for a while for weight checks to make sure she is getting the right amount of nutrition.  We had our first visit on this past Monday.  She was doing well at 5lbs 13 oz! We will talk about immunizations at her next visit. For now, we are transitioning into her "newborn phase."  Most of her milestones/getting her on a routine will follow her gestational age.  We are of course also digging in at home to keep her away from possible sources that could get her sick.  Good thing Wesley and I like staying in :).  Our family updates will be scaled back to weekly now that we are home.  We are the good kind of exhausted, but exhausted none the less.  All those sleepless nights sure are worth it to have her home!

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