Friday, August 22, 2014

Newborn Photos

Aren't these amazing?!? These are some of my favorites from Ellie's newborn photo shoot that we did last week. My sister Kelsey did a fabulous job helping us with our photo shoot and taking on all of the edits. I can't wait to get the prints ordered and put them up around the house.  Wesley and I haven't done a photo shoot since our wedding, over 4 years ago.  It was high time for some more family photos and we loved being able to combine it with Ellie's newborn pictures.

We have had a very great but very busy week.  Ellie went for her third weight check and is now a whopping 6 lbs 14.5 oz!  She is 20 inches long and doing so well.  She got her 2 month shots, which was more traumatic for me to watch than I think it was for her to get them.  I am so glad we don't have to do that again for another 2 months!  Since she is gaining weight so well, we also don't have to go back for any more weight checks.  We also don't have to mix formula with her milk anymore!

It is crazy to think that we have been home for 3 whole weeks.  Time is flying by.  Almost too quickly.  Over the past few years while Wesley and I were battling infertility, we got very good at enjoying our present state. We learned to embrace the season of life we were in and I know that is an important skill that we will carry with us through the rest of our lives.  I am so thankful that instead of wishing away our time, earnestly waiting for the "next big thing" that Ellie will do, we are savoring each day hoping she won't grow up too fast before our eyes.  Don't get me wrong, we are very excited to see her grow and learn.  But we know that each day is a gift to cherish and enjoy.

We've heard rumors that our once a week posts are too far apart.  So, we will try and do smaller posts every few days.  We wouldn't want our avid and loyal readers to get disappointed or deprived of Ellie updates and pictures ;)  We love you all and love that Ellie still has such wonderful cheerleaders!

Grow Ellie grow!

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