Friday, March 29, 2013

March's Favorite Things

This picture is one of my favorites that I took this month.  I think I'm starting to get the hang of this photography thing! We had a blast when some of the Honeycutt clan visited earlier in the month.  We spent the whole weekend playing with my niece, Maddi, hanging out, and playing NERTS for hours.  It's a card game that is very fast paced, and the more players the better!

I've also been loving these things this month:

A few days ago my mom sent me an email to this link.  I have no idea how she found it, because it is not something we normally read....but I was laughing so hard at work while I read it!

Have you heard about this art heist?

This dress has saved my Easter.  I think I have officially learned my lesson to say NO to treats brought in by reps to the office.  My original dress is now my motivator for my anniversary in May.

So on that note, I'm loving this workout.

I can't believe March is almost over and for me the best is yet to come...Easter Weekend and Wesley's Birthday!

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  1. Oh nerts... haha I love that game!! I haven't played it in so long... I had forgotten about how fun it is though! I'll have to talk my family into playing this weekend... Thanks for linking up with us for Falling for Friday again!

    Just Dawnelle

  2. Cute picture! Really love the emotion of it. Also, I too LOEVE the game Nerts! Totally is my favorite card game!


  3. that obituary is so great! there is such love behind it. celebrating a life wholly lived rather than mourning a death. thanks for sharing!

  4. Such an adorable photo! :-) And... I love that dress! I'm on the hunt to add a couple more dresses to my wardrobe ;-) Happy Easter!

  5. NEVER say no to treats ;-) when is your anniversary in May?!


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