Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear quotes that we should have memorized, I think this one is one of the most important.  For some reason it can be so easy to think the opposite...but I know it's so important not to.  And besides, life is too precious to spend any other way. Here's to love at home...  Dear Wesley, you will always be my favorite.  Thanks for being patient with my utter exhaustion this week.  I guess all of those nights we spent staying up late trying to catch The Daily Show and Conan caught up with me.  I'm pretty certain that anything after 10:30 on weeknights are officially past my bedtime.   Dear blog, I left you alone for a week but I'm back now.  Sometimes you just need some alone time, right?...and I've enjoyed not being caught up in blog-land this past week.  Breaks are so good for us, in all areas of life.  Being perfectly on top of things 100% of the time, and generally feeling overwhelmed is so overrated.   Dear evening sunshine, thank you for coming back.  I've missed you so much.  You make it possible for me to walk at night after dinner my waistline thanks you too!  Now if only this ridiculous cold weather would just go away... Dear hope, you've been a great companion to us this month.  I know one day we may not need you as much, but I'm so glad you can exist for the here and now.  
Dear weekend, we've got big plans for you.... so don't go by too fast!!

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  1. I don't know why...but I'm so emotional reading this post.

    Breaks are definitely good. So, so good. Help you feel rejuvenated in every area.

    Love this quote. Oh my goodness. Thinking about where I need to hang it in my house.

    What are you doing this weekend?!


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