Monday, March 26, 2012

Too Cool

When was the last time you thought "this is too cool???"  For me, it was Saturday.  

I went to Beautiful You, an event sponsored by The Closet Ministry with my sister-in-law, Katie.  Our mission: find a fabulous prom dress.  This Ministry gathers prom dresses all over the state of North Carolina so that these great girls don't have to spend money on a dress that they will probably wear only once in their life.  They had so many donations over the past year, that we actually left with 2 free dresses.   Both are completely fabulous.  Success!! 

By the way, where was this when I was in High School?!?......

For me, one of the best parts was that they spent the first 30 minutes telling everyone who came how beautiful and amazing they were - and that is definitely the best attitude you should have before you go shopping.... or before you do anything in life for that matter.

Here is another prom dress project that happened in Arizona.  This is so inspirational - you will have to watch to find out why:

Just too cool!

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