Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ok Go!

I have a confession to make... Wesley and I like to watch the Super Bowl, but we like the Super Bowl commercials even more!  There were some pretty funny ones this year.

This was Wesley's favorite:

My favorite was the very last one we saw.  It was a Chevy commercial featuring OK Go! I found out that this group is know for some pretty fantastic one shot music videos on you tube.  They are so brilliant!  Here is the extended edition of the commercial:  

OK Go - Needing/Getting Chevy 

Can you believe they did that in 1 take!  After I saw this, I needed to see more.  This one blew my mind too - they rigged a giant domino effect  course that lasts the entire 4 minute video....

This Too Shall Pass

...seriously...mind blowing!

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  1. So I totally love the commercials too! Sadly I only watched about 1/2 the Super Bowel and then I think I got ready for bed early. But I did enjoy the ones I saw. I have loved Ok Go since their treadmill video went viral. I was intrigued by the domino video and delighted by the car one. These people are geniuses!


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