Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY Office Storage

Who doesn't love a great DIY project?  I was inspired to find some inexpensive yet cute storage for our new office nook.  As I was walking around Target, I saw some green tumblers (2 large for $2 and 4 small for $2) and immediatly scooped them up.  They happended to perfectly match the amazing green storage containers that I could not resist:

Guess what gives a tumbler the perfect pop?  Stickers of course!  I was disappointed with Target's selection and headed over to AC Moore.  I found the perfect $3 sheet of black and white quotes, and grabbed a white paint pen to add dots and lines.

The stickers are great because you can play around with placement, and the paint pen is much more user friendly than the old fashioned acrylic paint and brush.  Once I had everything where I wanted, I secured the edges of the stickers with superglue.  I found that the ends wanted to pop back up, and hot glue was not strong enough.  All you need is a little dab on each side:

And voila!

Love it! Now, tell me, who wouldn't want to personalized storage?


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! I love this!!! You are so crafty!!~

  2. Um that is super cute! I would have never thought to do that. Now I think I need your help doing my office. Of course, I need lots of purple!!

  3. Thanks!! Cat ~ I'd love to help anytime!

  4. I read your blogs regularly. Your humoristic way is amusing, continue the good work!
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