Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Ellie is quickly changing from our sweet baby to our adventurous little girl. We started peas over the weekend. The verdict: she LOVED them! Move over rice cereal...the wonderful world of vegetables is now being explored. She likes them so much we are having to mix a little of her cereal in them to get her to keep eating it. She is eating twice a day now. We are moving onto sweet potatoes tomorrow.  Such a big girl!

Two weeks ago we went for her next dose of Synergis and found that she had only gained 5 ounces in the last 4 weeks.  She had started sleeping through the night and eating every 4 hours during the day. The pediatrician and I decided that the best thing to try and see if she was getting enough was to offer some formula after I fed her to see if she would take any more. She did and in 9 days gained 2.5 ounces. So her current weight is 13lbs 6.5 ounces.  We are now in the process of getting her to just take bottles so I can track her intake. I have to admit I am less than thrilled to be pumping again but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! 

We will be able to check her weight again next week at her Special Infant Care Clinic appointment. Fingers crossed she will be gaining some more!!

Grow Ellie Grow!
^^Her favorite way to eat is try "help" by grabbing the spoon right where the food is. 
Hot mess!!


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