Friday, January 16, 2015


^^Her face when you animatedly say "Mmmmm...tasty!"

^^ "Yeah mom, it's not that tasty...."

I had every intention of waiting until Ellie was 6 months adjusted age to start her on any type of solid food.  Her pediatrician and I had talked about how that would be ok since she is still so small and is currently getting everything she needs while nursing.  As I began reading about starting solids in my myriad of baby books at the start of January, I realized that she was pretty much displaying all of the signs that she was ready for this next step. 

So I few days before Wesley and I decided to take the leap, I let her play with one of her green spoons while I was eating to get her used to it.  As you can see above, being handed the spoon to play with is her most favorite part of "dinner time."  She even tries to grab the spoon when a spoonful is on the way to her mouth.  Wesley is already going through withdrawal of her wanting to be more independent.  In his head it is rice cereal today... prom dress shopping tomorrow.

She likes the rice cereal much better than I thought.  We are still entertained with her "what is this stuff?!?" faces but she does eat it without too much protest.  However, it does have to be just right.... too cold or too hot, too soupy or too thick and our Goldilocks won't have it!

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